Thursday Nov. 4
Digital Scholars in Practice Panel: Data is Not Neutral
Noon to 1 p.m.

This panel will examine “data” for the detachment, alienation, and scientific subjugation that accompanies it. What happens when we do not consider the humanity that "data" represents? Panelists Amy Almerico-LeClair and Kimberly L. O’Neill will present on how data fits (and doesn’t) in their research and teaching in medical sciences and English, respectively. The panel will explore the non-neutrality of information extracted from or about people and their cultural heritage––particularly in the digital realm––as well as how to teach ethical approaches to data in undergraduate and graduate settings, where research sources are increasingly digital, digitized, and potentially unregulated on the Internet. Organized by Dale J. Correa, Middle Eastern Studies Librarian & History Coordinator.


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